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Hybrid Workflow

Change the way you think about 3D sculpting by combining VR and Desktop workflows into the same tool. Switch between them as easily as putting on and taking off your headset.

At The Speed of Thought

Why work with 3D on a 2D screen? Break the limits of traditional 3D design by working in a 3D space. VR is the future of 3D asset creation.


Kodon utilizes the power of your GPU to provide you with the smoothest sculpting experience, even when working with over 20 Million Polygons.

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Kodon gives you ultimate freedom from topology constraints by allowing you to easily combine volume and surface tools in one place.

Key Features

Surface Sculpting with
multi resolution

Intuitive sculpting tools that work with the polygons of a 3D model. Multiresolution allows you to move up and down in resolution while retaining all of the detail at the highest level.
multiresolution image
voxel engine image

Voxel Sculpting

Volumetric sculpting - Great for blocking out primary shapes and concepting designs, it lets you be completely free from topology constraints.

Cloth Simulation

An interactive tool that combines the Move tool with a physics simulation of fabric properties.
cloth simulator image
remesher image


Ultra fast remesher that creates even sized quads for optimal surface sculpting while providing you with a preview of the resolution in real time.

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There is much more in Kodon to help you expand your workflow, have a look!

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Future server support for multi user input and remote collaboration

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About Kodon

Kodon is a product by TenkLabs AS, born and raised in Norway. With Kodon we have developed an industry changing sculpting software in VR, that allows artists to create 3D models in a true 3D environment.

Over the past 4 years our developers have worked night and day creating a unique hybrid solution. We want to allow artists to switch between VR and the traditional tablet and pen, but also between voxels, poly modeling and surface sculpting within the same program. We aim to deliver an optimal workflow with increased speed, performance and creative freedom that can fit seamlessly into any production pipeline.

Our goal is to become an industry leading solution for asset creation within the professional realm of 3D design.

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How do I install and activate Kodon?

To be able to run Kodon’s VR mode you will need to install the SteamVR application since we use Steam’s controller bindings to be able to cater to a wider range of VR Hardware brands.

Which VR headsets are supported by Kodon?

The following:
Oculus Quest/Quest 2, Oculus Rift/Rift S, Vive, Vive Pro, Valve Index, WMR, HP Reverb/Reverb 2.

How do I run Kodon in an Oculus Quest headset?

Once Steam VR is installed in your computer, connecting your Oculus Quest can be done in two different ways:
You could either connect your Quest to your computer using an Oculus Link cable, or by using Virtual Desktop.

Do I need a VR headset to use Kodon?

No. You can use Kodon’s desktop mode with a pen and tablet on your PC screen, like you would any other traditional sculpting software. There is no need to install SteamVR for this purpose, but we recommended it to have the whole Kodon experience.

Which file formats are supported in Kodon?

Kodon supports .OBJ, .FBX, .PNG, .JPG, .EXR

Is there a Kodon Manual/documentation?

No, not yet, but we are working on it, in the meantime you can find several videos explaining certain features on our YouTube channel.

What is the hybrid workflow?

This is the VR - Desktop workflow that differentiates Kodon from other 3D sculpting software. Our hybrid workflow
provides you the freedom to hop in and out of VR at your preference, and continue working in Desktop for tasks that require an orthographic view or simply a break from the headset.

What is the difference between the Steam License and the Subscription?

The subscription is aimed at businesses that need to buy licenses of Kodon in bulk. If you are a freelancer or a small business, the Steam license should be adequate for you.

System Compatibility

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Operation system

Windows 10

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Intel i7-6700K

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NVidia GTX 1080

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Version 12

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